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SC Volunteers For Dean is a project of the SC Grassroots Coalition for Dean which is working to coordinate people, jobs, and resources throughout South Carolina.

On our website volunteers can sign up for a variety of jobs and workgroups, and organizers can post jobs that they want help with. These jobs are all across SC and a lot of them can be done using the Internet or phone, so people can work from anywhere in the state or even the country.

The South Carolina Grassroots Coalition for Dean’s Goals are to:

  • Share and organize resources, skills, and materials
  • Outreach to and actively recruit potential Dean supporters, endorsers, and activists
  • Match volunteers with jobs in media, field, outreach, fundraising, organizing, etc.
  • Enable event and job organizers to find volunteers with needed skills and availability
  • Increase a sense of community while supporting volunteers working alone or in groups

Thank you for your help. Questions or suggestions? Contact: Judith da Silva.


This project is entirely volunteer-funded and run.
SC Volunteers for Dean is not affiliated with or endorsed by Howard Dean or the Dean for America campaign.