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Campaign Finance and Democracy Sample Letters to the Editor

Welcome Media Volunteers!

Help get the word out about Howard Dean by creating or posting your Letters to the Editor for others to read and be inspired by!

Here are some tips from Maryland For Dean

And some suggestions on writing letters from Michael J. Groetken, Editorial Coordinator, South Dakota for Dean

Also some things to include, modified from Bob's list at Utah for Dean:

-Tell a personal story. Say what interests you about the issue and Howard Dean.
-State facts. Site sources, websites, experts, etc.
-Give a Dean website address in the text of your letter for others to contact. (Feel free to give

Use this Media List or This One to find South Carolina newspapers in your town to contact.

Email us when your letters do get published, so we can post them. Do not send the exact Sample Letters that you see here, or the media will ignore them.

Letters to the Editor about Campaign Finance and Democracy in South Carolina

We need your South Carolina Campaign Finance and Democracy Letters!
To post them here please Email us.


Sample Letters to the Editor on Dean’s Campaign Finance and Democracy Positions

We need your Campaign Finance and Democracy Letters!
To post them here please Email us.

Here is a great compilation of Letters to the Editor on Minnesota For Dean

A good letter on Campaign Finance from Princeton

Dean is Threat to Insiders in the Rutland Herald

Several Letters on Why Dean is the One in Salon






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