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Education Story Pitch Ideas

Help get the word out about Howard Dean by creating Story Pitch Ideas.

What is a Story Pitch Idea?
Newspapers and other media outlets often want to cover an issue but don’t see an angle that would excite and interest their readers. We can write these Story ideas and create ways for the Media to cover the issues that we know are important but often get left out. We can offer experts and citizens who understand and support Howard Dean's positions.

Email us with your Story Ideas, and we will post them here.

How to Pitch a Story Idea to a Media Outlet:
To pitch an idea to radio, TV, magazines, newspapers or any other media outlet, select a Story Idea that you like from the list below, and select a media outlet from the Radio, TV, Magazine, or Newspaper list. Then contact them, telling them the Story Idea and asking that they cover the story. Offer resources and guest experts (We have lists) if appropriate. Contact us if you need help or more information. Email us with your successes so that we can post them here.

.How to come up with good ideas:
1. Think of issues that are locally hot, like a factory closing or a local news item that has just happened.
2. Find the kinds of people or experts the story might cover and interview

Education Story Pitch Ideas

We need your Education Story Ideas!
To post them here please Email us.

Idea #1: Have a panel of Education professionals talk about current Education issues in SC including how it can be improved, and facts about how Dean did it in Vermont.





This project is entirely volunteer-funded and run.
SC Volunteers for Dean is not affiliated with or endorsed by Howard Dean or the Dean for America campaign.